Studio Scale Models


"Supplying Irish themed rolling stock and accessories for over 30 years"


All kits include glazing, seating, transfers and associated wiring and nuts where appropriate. 

OO guage wheels are available as detailed.


GSWR Convertible Wagon (K14)
Whitemetal Kit  €25

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MGWR Convertible Wagon (K15)
Whitemetal Kit  €25

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Seven Plank Wagon (K26)
Whitemetal Kit €25

3'7" open spoke wheels (W11)    €4

3'1" open spoke wheels (W12)  €4

3'2" 3-hole wheels (W8) €2.50

3'1" open spoke wheels (W12)  €4

Bubble Cement Detailing (A02)
Brass Kit  €5

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Wickam Inspection Car (K40)
Brass kit with Romford wheels  €27

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GNRI 20 Ton Brakevan (K06)
Brass Kit  €38

five kits for €20

3'2" 3-hole wheels (W8) €2.50

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CIE 30 Ton Brakevan (K30)
Brass Kit €27

Includes transfers, glazing & wire. 
Donor chassis and OO wheels required

Oil Tanker Detailing (K31)
Single €8 Five €34

Includes ladders, walkways, valve handwheels, couplings hooks, strength girders etc. 

The "Burmah" style catwalk (K31a) is available for €2

Pocket Wagon Detailing (K32)
Four pack €12

Includes foldable brass ends, handwheels and end steps

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Iso Tank Walkways (A04)
Brass Kit €3.50

K38 Plough Van K38 Plough Van

Suitable for 20' ISO Tank Containers

4 for €12

CIE Ploughvan (K38)
Brass Kit €35

Includes transfers, glazing, wire, donor chassis and OO wheels

42' Bogie Flat (K46)
Brass Kit €36

Includes wheels and transfers

K38 Plough Van

K38 Plough Van

K38 Plough Van

Ammonia Wagon-Tanker (K48)
Brass Kit €60

Brass Kit with resin ends, includes transfers and wheels


Ammonia Barrier Wagon (K47)
Brass Kit €52

Includes Iso Container, brass tank, valve gear and 42' Bogie Flat and transfers

Brake wheels (K39)
15 wheels, Brass Etched detailing €12


  K38 Plough Van  

Beer Cage (K50)
Brass resin Kit €42

Makes six etched brass beer cages. Includes moulded resin beer packs and transfers