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GSR Class 800 / CIE B1a

Click here to access Picasa Web for detailed photographs of the model under construction.

The Great Southern Railways Class 800 were the biggest and most powerful engines ever to run in Ireland. They were designed by Edgar Bredin and this kit is dedicated to his memory and that of his Chief Draughtsman, H. J. A. Beaumont, who prepared the drawings, and was also involved in the design.

Three engines of the class were built, named Maedhbh, Macha and Tailte, the first two in 1939 and the third in 1940. These engines had three 18½ by 28 inch cylinders and 225 pounds per square inch boiler pressure. The tractive effort was 34,785 lbs, the design weight being 84 tons. The design fully exploited the extra width allowed by the 5 ft 3 in. gauge.  They were intended as express engines for the premier Dublin–Cork route but wartime coal shortages and the arrival diesels on main line services curtailed this.

This kit is etched brass, with a nickel silver chassis, whitemetal detailing, full transfers and lining, brass nameplates and numbers, and the built kit has fully working Walschaerts valve gear (see the Youtube clip at the bottom of this page). It also includes turned brass safety valves, washout plugs and whistle.  OO wheels, gearbox and motor are all available from Studio Scale Models.

The real thing, No.801 in Mallow (copyright Studio Scale Models)


Walschaerts Gearing